Full Mouth Restorations

Is A Full Mouth Restoration For Me?

Most people have heard about dental implants; however, most people assume that these restorations are only meant to replace a single missing tooth. So, what are your options if you are missing all of your permanent teeth? Well, you might be surprised to discover that dental implants can also restore your smile and replace all of your missing teeth.

Here at Manchester Family Dental, we know how important it is to have a restoration that is as close to natural teeth as possible. After all, you want to feel confident in your smile again, right? This is why our dental team works diligently to create the dental implant plan that will best fit your needs.

We know that some people get dentures because they are a quick and simple approach to getting a full smile back; however, it isn’t until they get dentures that they realize they don’t function exactly like real teeth. Sometimes it can be challenging to keep dentures in place, and they may slip or shift around while trying to talk or chew. If this sounds like you and you are feeling frustrated by your dentures then it’s time to talk to us about how dental implants can help.

A dental implant is designed to replace missing tooth roots for a single tooth; however, multiple implants can be placed along the jawbone. The process is exactly the same as it is for getting a single dental implant. Under local anesthesia, we will open up the gums to reveal the jawbone and then place the implant in the jawbone where it will naturally fuse together with bone and tissue over several months.

Once the implant and jawbone are combined we can get to work completing the implant process to attach your existing dentures or new dentures on top of the implants. Now you won’t have to worry about dentures moving around in your mouth. You can confidently smile, talk, chew or bite without ever having to think about your teeth.

Plus, dental implants offer a variety of unique health benefits that dentures and other tooth replacement options can’t. Since an implant is the only restoration that fuses naturally with the jawbone it also stimulates the growth of new bone cells to prevent bone loss (a common complication of tooth loss) and to support your face’s natural structure.

If you want to learn more about full-mouth dental implant makeovers and whether you are right for this treatment then it’s time to call Manchester Family Dental at (860) 643-5350 to schedule a consultation.

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